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February 21, 2020

Jeffrey Howard
Houston Interlude...
Early next week, Dr. Cardenas and I will travel to Houston to attend the Lasallian Association of Secondary School Chief Administrators (or LASSCA) gathering and I could not be more excited. Having been asked to serve on the planning committee this year, I know that there is much good work in store for us and I am very much looking forward to connecting with principals and presidents from Lasallian schools across the United States. I am most pleased to attend this year because, last year at this time, I was in the early stages of my bout with Shingles - that was fun - and this year I am feeling fit and ready to go! This will be a wonderful gathering.
… But Some Sadness 
The only downside of the trip is that I will miss my final day of class with the seniors I’ve been working with in Honors English IV this trimester! That has been a terrific experience and they are great examples of Mullen students! And, while I will miss them, I am very much looking forward to the group of sophomores I will have in English II in the third tri!
Old Faces, New Places
Mr. Duan Ruff has been serving as Dean of Students and Director of Safety and Security since last fall and has been doing a wonderful job in both roles. However,  the amount of work both of these positions generate is substantial and, really, is too much for one individual - even one as talented as Mr. Ruff - to handle. Given the ever changing nature of issues of safety and security that affect schools today, I felt that it would serve our students well to have someone dedicated - full time - to the safety and welfare of the campus and of our students. Recently I asked Mr. Vince Massey if he would consider stepping out of his role as Athletic Director to assume a position I felt we very much needed: full time Director of Safety and Security. Mr. Massey was the first, part time Director of Safety and Security and he knows the role incredibly well. Very few people know the school better. He graciously agreed to accept the position and his work will continue to ensure the safety and security of all our students. I am most grateful.
I am grateful, as well, to Mr. Hank Hooper for agreeing to step in as Interim Athletic Director for the remainder of the year. As we move into winter playoffs and transition to the spring sports season, he will have his hands full, but he, Mrs. Karen Lane and Ms. Emily Pickering, who remain in their roles with Athletics, will continue their excellent support of our student athletes!
The Five Core Principles
One of the many blessings of working at a Lasallian school like ours is living the shared history and community of the broader Lasallian world. Over the course of the next few editions of the  Mullen Weekly, I am going to highlight one of the five Core Principles that we hope to instill in our students and that I hope we are living in our work with them. This week, we begin with Faith in the Presence of God.
From the Lasallian District of San Francisco/New Orleans:  “The Lasallian school nurtures in its members an awareness of the living presence of God in our world. It calls all to a deeper awareness of their saving relationship with a caring and loving God and moves all to see the world through the ‘eyes of faith.’”
In all we do, I hope we live out each of these Core Principles and teach our students to do the same!
Have wonderful weekends, all.