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Mullen Today: Issue 1

Mullen Broadcast Network
Ordinarily, hundreds of Mullen’s Mustangs would be competing in spring sports.  And, ordinarily, MullenHigh.com would be telling their stories.
But there isn’t anything ordinary about these times, is there?

Colorado’s fickle spring weather usually is a major storyline in the third of three annual sports seasons, but there has been virtually no spring to date (only two days of play) to cap the 2019-20 entry, No. 99 on record. And it remains in question because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and all of the surrounding uncertainties.

There also were basketball championships that were never played – defending champion Mullen made it to a second consecutive Class 4A girls finale -- and soon thereafter mandatory quarantine throughout Colorado that not only continues to keep a staggering amount of adults at home, but has impressionable in-state high-schoolers in online classes while wondering what is happening to the end of their school year.

Boredom? Down time? Adults wonder … reconnecting with their offspring, for example, has been notable, but when not working from their homes (wink, wink), how many walks with dogs can they take, how many trips to a store are reasonable? How much bad television can they endure? How many times must they clean their houses just for something to do, or get a start on seasonal yardwork, wash vehicles, read, play cards or board games, look out the windows, sit in front of their computers or stare at their cell phones? And who can distinguish one day from another?  

As for high-schoolers, we’ll know more soon. Beginning this week, various Mustangs will have first-person offerings, essays through May on how they’ve been affected by COVID-19, how they’re handling it and what they hope lies in their futures.

They will be listed on weekdays and involve a wide range of athletes and Mullen personnel.