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Challenging Times, Issue 10

Wilson Yee, Mullen Senior
Wilson Yee, a pilot and soon-to-be Air Force Academy Cadet, is attempting to fly through the time of coronavirus (COVID-19) while missing the end of his Mullen career. A place-kicker, Yee writes about the American people, their country and making everything better.
“Hard times create strong men ...” G. Michael Hopf, author of  “Those Who Remain ...” novels.
This pandemic reminds me of how important it is to think for yourself in order to stay safe, but also to retain aspects of everyday life. I think the American people have done a great job in responding to the draconian -- but to a point, necessary -- measures put in place in order to flatten the curve. The numbers and direction we are heading are more promising than originally expected, though we still must mourn the loss of life as a people united and remain united to beat this invisible enemy.
Thankfully, my athletic training has been able to continue.This part of my off-season, particularly in this portion of my career, has resulted in independent work on the field (with social distancing, of course) and in my basement gym, which I am very blessed to have. Because of this resource, I have been able to keep up with my spring workouts for Air Force Falcons football. 

I am preparing for a very demanding time in my life. First, I’m getting ready to enter Basic Cadet Training at the Air Force Academy, and I am training to kick for the Falcons Division I program. I have never wanted a spot more than this one, and now it’s about making sure I'm ready when the time comes.

It’s challenging being away from Mullen now, but this time of self-reflection and training has been vital for me. I am determined now more than ever to be the guy that makes the football team, the Academy, the Air Force and the United States better.