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A connected community, Issue 13

Natalie Paul, Mullen Senior
I miss my family at Mullen.

I have been a part of Mullen ever since I can remember.  As a kid, I remember playing on the cement “M” during football games. I didn't have any other school in mind when I looked at high schools.  My family was literally there with me. Growing up at Mullen was the best thing that could have happened to me. Mullen is my home and will forever be. 
It’s hard to say goodbye when you aren’t quite ready to leave. I told my parents that I didn't think I was going to get “Senioritis” because I couldn’t see myself leaving.  One thing I have struggled with during this unusual time is not being able to go to Mullen’s campus again as a student. I grieve for my friends and classmates who feel the same but I remember that our community isn't confined to the Lowell campus. Our community stretches to every home of a Mustang. Our community is strong. Mullen students are strong and one thing we have learned during this experience is that our community is connected. We do not abandon one another, we embrace the change and move forward. 

Being a Senior, it seems as if many feel sad for us. People say to me that it must be hard knowing you won’t get a normal end to High School.  I simply respond, “The sum of my experience at Mullen is not dependent on a couple of months.” I have cheered in the stands. I have rushed the field. I have laughed with my friends while eating fries and laughed at jokes with my teachers.  I have run to class in fear of being late. I have gone to dances and done service with my friends. My classmates and I have led the underclassmen and shown them what it means to be a Mustang.

The Class of 2020 may not be celebrated traditionally, but it doesn't mean we didn’t make an impact this year. “Enter to learn, leave to serve.” I have no doubt that the class of 2020 is more than prepared to do that. We just weren’t prepared for a goodbye so soon.

Mullen has been my family for four years and will forever be.