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Resilient, Issue 25

Antonio Corral, Mullen Senior
Antonio Corral has dabbled in many classes, sports and programs while at Mullen. So when the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and wiped out what his final months with the school, he decided to use the resilience he developed as a Mustang. Indeed, he misses what could have been, but he’ll always be with Mullen, always be counted among the Mustangs. 
Being at Mullen these past four years and making so many great relationships with classmates, teammates, and teachers made the reality of not going back to school a hard pill to swallow.

My classmates and I have worked so hard for this year to be memorable and now there are some memories that won’t be made. However, one certain thing I’ve learned from Mullen is how to be resilient. I’ve had to focus on how I respond to the situation. Knowing I cannot control what happens regarding the virus I know that I can control how I respond to this setback.

I have had to find new things to pass the time and have found very rewarding moments throughout this time with my family. My sister and I will both be away from home and at college in the fall and being able to study with her or spend time with her every day has been a blessing because I know we won’t see each other as much this summer or next year.

I have been able to play lacrosse with my brother like we did when we were younger kids, finding time to hit the wall or go shoot around. I have even found it easier to get my schoolwork done as I have never enjoyed reading more since it passes the time very quickly. 

Not having a lacrosse season was one of the hardest setbacks I’ve had. Having played most of my life, this would have been my last season and it was heartbreaking when it was announced that we wouldn’t be having a season at all.
I will always have the past three years of sports at Mullen to look back on, especially trying new things such as cross country and playing tennis for the first time the past fall.

So many moments to look forward to this spring and in a flash it was all taken away ...

However, I’ll always know the Mullen community and the family I have found the last four years will always be there.

Mullen has given me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and I am so proud to be a Mustang.