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Staying optimistic, Issue 32

Avery Panozzo, Mullen Junior
As a catcher in softball, Avery Panozzo knows how to take charge, serve as a kind of quarterback and maintain her composure. It’s how she’s handling herself during the coronavirus (COVID-19). Centering on the memories she has from the school year, the junior also writes for Mullen Today’s Unordinary Times about seniors who were robbed of finales, staying in shape the best she can, staying optimistic about the future, missing her classmates and teachers, and remaining determined.
The 2019-2020 school year has been filled with so many great memories and life-changing events, and it is so sad that this year was cut short.

My heart goes out to all the seniors who are going through such a time of uncertainty and had their high-school experience come to a sudden end. Since Colorado is one of the few states to have softball as a fall sport, I am extremely lucky to have fully played my Mullen softball season this year. I am forever thankful for our Mullen softball seniors who have guided us through thick and thin.

For our upcoming season, the team and our coaches had so many plans to stay together and get better. Since we cannot practice as a team, we have found ways to stay strong and communicate through these difficult times with video chats. I am extremely thankful for such a supportive and hard-working Mullen softball environment. I cannot wait for the day to see my coaches and teammates again.

Although I cannot work with my club team or Mullen team, I have found ways to improve my game in hope that soon all of us can meet on the fields again. Working on individual strengths, such as throw downs, blocking, hitting and the mental game, are all great ways to keep myself in shape and to stay hungry for my shortened/uncertain club season and, hopefully, fall season.

The college recruiting process has had great changes by communicating through emails and videos instead of visiting on site. As all athletes are working hard, it is a great time to find peace within our lives and spend time with family. Heading into the spring season, there were so many possibilities that we all had at our hands; however, as a true Lasallian community, we have found so many ways to stay together.

This spring, I had many activities planned that were either abruptly cut short or pushed back to an uncertain date. And as a manager for the Mullen baseball team, I greatly miss all of the players and coaches. I know they are all working hard for their future seasons.

Even though these times have been rough, the Mullen community always provides a place of comfort.

I miss my classmates and teachers dearly, but I know that working hard and staying persistent will lead to a bright future.