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A message from the Centennial League

By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
In attempting to move forward, limited fans in Season B will be permitted for 7 of the 8 league schools, although Mullen still dealing with Denver restrictions.
The health and safety of our student-athletes and their families is our highest priority.
To promote this and provide our fans a live spectating experience, we will be requiring the following expectations while at a Centennial League sporting event during Season B.
--- 1. Masks must be worn appropriately – they must cover the mouth and nose at all times.
--- 2. Stay home if you have symptoms, are sick or if anyone you have come in contact with has symptoms or is sick. Please consult your medical professional for advice.
--- 3. Be a positive fan.
As we move forward with permitting some fans, we will have some limitations because of the size of facilities, location of schools and number of essential individuals to make the events happen.
As of now, seven of the eight Centennial schools will be able to have fans starting the week of Feb. 1, with the exception of Mullen, which falls under Denver restrictions. More information will follow regarding process and guidelines at each venue (ticketing, seating location, entrance/exit, etc.).
Boys and Girls Basketball – Home Team: 2 tickets for each athlete; Away Team: 1 ticket for each athlete. Note: Large/main gym only; no spectator access in a small/auxiliary gym.
Ice Hockey – Spectator attendance will follow guidelines established by the individual ice arenas.
Girls Swimming and Diving – Because of capacity limitations, no spectators are permitted and programs are encouraged to ensure a live-streaming option.
Boys and Girls Wrestling – Home Team: 2 tickets for each athlete; Away Team: 1 ticket for each athlete. Note: Dual events only, no tri- or quad-meets; parents and spectators must watch their child’s pod only, they may not watch other pods.
Teams with multiple siblings will still get 2 passes for home games and will be able to use 2 passes for road games.
If the above guidelines are not met, spectators may be asked to exit the premises.
The league wants to work together to ensure the continuation of Season B and the health of our communities!