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Ethan Heffern, Student-Athlete of the Week

High-school sport:
What I’ve done lately: Recently provided a spark to help the Mustangs knock off Smoky Hill in the Centennial League and remain in the Class 5A playoff chase.
Grade-point average: 3.3
Class: Senior.

Why I attend Mullen:
So when I was in middle school, a public school in Lakewood, my sister (Megan) and I were looking around and she toured Mullen and decided to go. I just started going to all Mullen activities and after just seeing (the Mustangs), I decided to go here for high school.

The best thing about my sport:
The best thing about it for me is it’s action-packed every second and you’ve got to be doing something to get ready for the next play, and it’s just back-to-back-to- back doing something.

In my future:
I just want to go to a good college. I won]t pursue basketball; it was fun in high school. In college, I want to experience new things, just try something new.

Pre-Game ritual:
Usually, I just go play, but I like to take a few seconds or a minute to think about what I’ll do to see myself successful, what I’ll do out there, which usually helps.

Favorite college team:
I don’t have one particularly, but I like to watch University of Colorado men’s basketball. I’ve actually played against a couple of guys there and it’s cool to follow the team you love that’s near. I also like to watch Duke and Kentucky.

Why I play:
It’s just super fun, I love running around with the team, it’s a good thing to stay in shape and playing sports in high school is good competition.