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Keelee Rakowski, Student-Athlete of the Week

High-school sport:
Soccer (left or right wing).

What I’ve done lately:
Leads the team with four goals.

Grade-point average:


Why I attend Mullen:
I attend Mullen because I remember my shadow day with my brother (Aiden) and I just loved the community. We went to a football game in eighth grade and I wanted to be a student here so bad … and I loved how everyone is so close, not just the staff, but everyone.

The best thing about my sport:
I think the best thing is it’s a huge adrenaline rush and super-rewarding for the whole team. You’re not the only one scoring. Your teammates do something or you do something, it flows and everyone works together. It’s a very satisfying feeling and nice to feel a part of the team and working together to accomplish one thing.

In my future:
Looking to go to college, not sure where yet, but am looking toward California.

Pre-Game ritual:
I do the same five stretches before the game, even if they’re not included in our (team) warmup.

Favorite college team:
Iowa State, my mom (Mary Jo) went there.

Why I play:
It’s a really good escape, something I can always fall back on if I’m stressed from school ... practice will always be a good highlight of my day, no matter what.