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Yay! Fowler new head coach

By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
Stephanie Fowler is Mullen's new cheer coach; 'Stevie' has ideas of re-establishing Mullen pride and spirit.

Stephanie Fowler has been chosen to lead Mullen cheerleading.

Also known around school as “Stevie,” Fowler said she has been “cheering since I was 10 and I’m excited. I think that it’s a uniquely individual, but a team sport. You have to relay on each other, but push yourself to grow.”

An academic personal counselor at Mullen in her fourth year, Fowler is a native of Redding, Calif. She graduated from Anderson High School and went on to Simpson State and Sacramento State, earning degrees in counseling.

In addition to cheering on the youth, high-school and college levels, she has 15 years of experience in cheer coaching, including as an assistant at Mullen and in California. She’s also a USA Staff member.

“I want to bring some fun back to the sport and revitalize it to Mullen,” she said.

Said Mullen interim athletic director Joey Mahmood: “Coach Stevie has a wealth of coaching and participating experience in the world of cheerleading and we are lucky to have her leading our program. We have the same vision with Coach Stevie about creating a great game-day/school-spirit experience for our school and having a strong, competitive team. Being a counselor in the building, she also gets what Mullen is about as well as the big picture.”