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Updated playoff schedule

By Neil H. Devlin, Mullen Sports Information Director
After multiple changes because of the storm, here's the latest schedule for Mullen hosting Class 5A Region 4.
Another one of Colorado’s late-spring, heavy-wet-snow and huge-temperature-drop storms certainly made its mark recently, including for Mullen baseball.

The Mustangs, who are the No. 5 seed, are to host Region 4 at what quickly turned into a very wet and snow-covered Bill Swift Field.

And after multiple adjustments and postponements, here is the current schedule (although it, too, could change again):


Mullen vs. Heritage, 1 p.m.

FNE Warriors vs. Broomfield, 4 p.m.


Winners, noon

The Region 4 winner will move to the 5A Championship Series, a double-elimination format.

The Mustangs staff and volunteers worked feverishly to make the Mullen field playable (please see accompanying before-and=after photographs).