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Zach Kutsch, Student-Athlete of the Week


Grade-point average:

Favorite subject:

High-school sport:
Lacrosse (goalie) and tennis (junior varsity).

What I’ve done lately:
It has been a big jump to varsity. Even though it has been a rough year, the overall position is of great leadership. It’s tough at times, but I like it.

Why I attend Mullen:
Originally, I went to Mullen because all of my buddies were going and I was just following them. But now that I’m at Mullen and because I play multiple sports and made a lot of friends playing with teammates, the main reason I go here is the community, the friends I have.

The best thing about my sport:
I love the pace of (lacrosse), personally … when I first started playing, it was a compromise with my parents, who wouldn’t let me play football because they were concerned with all of the concussions. Now that I play lacrosse, I love how the game is free-flowing and the overall pace is why I’m drawn to it.

Planned career:

In my immediate future:
I just completed my (Advanced Placement) government class, my first hard test (at the end of the school year), and now that it’s over, for the next week the focus is mainly on lacrosse. The focus is trying to get at least one win for the season (the Mustangs are 0-13).