August 2, 2019

Jeffrey M. Howard
While it's still summer in the city, we at Mullen High School will be coming back together sooner than later and I, for one, am ready! I know that many of you are too, and I hope that some (most? all?) of your students are as well!
We have had a very full and very exciting summer here at 3601 and each thing we have done, each meeting we have held, each professional development opportunity we have attended have all been undertaken with your students in mind. We have worked to get ready for the beginning of this year and we will continue to do so right up until Thursday, August 15 when we will all be back together.
Bring it on, I say.
This is a terrifically exciting year for many, many reasons but perhaps none so exciting as the fact that we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of young women coming to Mullen High School. As a Denver native and a long time Catholic educator, I remember well when the school, the Board of Trustees, the Legacy San Francisco District and the Christian Brothers made the courageous decision to embrace co-education and I applauded it then and we celebrate it now! Please join us as we commemorate this critical moment in our history all year long.
Three teachers brand new to Mullen will join us this fall, not because anyone left the teaching ranks, but because our student numbers demand it. This is a great thing. I am very pleased to welcome Ms. Ahearn and Mrs. Roberts to the Math Department and Ms. Hilt to Science. We are also lucky that Mr. Garcia, who many of you know from his part time work with us an an Athletic Trainer, is taking a full time position at the school. We are eager for them all to be with us.
As the week concludes, we have begun our annual ritual of faculty meetings, beginning with our New Lasallian Educators and then, on Wednesday, August 7, we welcome back the full faculty. You read that right. All faculty return August 7. 
Our last day with teachers for the 2018-2019 school year was Tuesday, May 28. By my math, that's 10 weeks. The myth of the 3 month summer vacation for teachers (and students!) is just that: a myth. Rest assured, though, that our teachers are happy to be coming back and to welcome your students. After all, serving your students is what we do!
Please be sure to read through these early school year editions of The Mullen Weekly. They contain critical information about the first weeks of school, about new people, new policies and new procedures. Additionally, coming soon will be the 2019-2020 Parent/Student Handbook which will also be critical for your review.
We are heading into a very exciting year at Mullen High School. And we're just getting started...