September 27, 2019

Jeffrey M. Howard
Gates on Campus
If you have been on campus in recent weeks, you have noticed the installation of gates at some entrances to the parking lots. Please allow me to share some information about them while noting there will be more information to follow. Last year, when I was serving the dual roles of principal and president, I supported and approved the addition of these gates as an added security measure. When he arrived last spring, Dr. Cardenas approved them as well and we moved to get them installed. Given the nature of the exposure of our campus, the gates will help keep us safe and help secure the parking lots. These are good things. There was no single event that precipitated their installation. Their addition was an outgrowth of continuing conversations around the safety and security of our campus.
We didn't immediately inform everyone about the gates because we wanted to address them in one fell swoop. We wanted to tell you about the policy and plan, technology and implications. We were hoping we'd be able to work out all those answers readily, but that has not been the case. Before we begin to utilize the gates, we will more fully address these issues and will be very clear about when they will be employed.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Speech and Debate
This past week, I received a letter from the National Speech and Debate Association informing me that our Speech and Debate program was honored during the Donus D. Roberts Diamond Assembly in June in recognition of the fact that our team has attended its 50th National Speech and Debate tournament! There are very few schools nationwide that can claim such an accomplishment! We have had amazing moderators for our Speech and Debate program over the years from the legendary Mr. Frank Sferra to our current dedicated tandem of Mrs. Heidi and Mr. Mike Trevithick and we are grateful to them all. Speech and Debate is a part of Mullen’s fiber and we are so proud of all the students currently involved and all who have made the program so strong in the past. What an honor!

Parent/Teacher Conferences
We were very pleased to welcome so many parents and families to Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday evening. I hope that you were able to connect with the teachers you wanted to see and that you enjoyed some time with other Mullen families!
Autumn Arrives
The fall is my favorite season. I love the start of school (though that seems about 240 miles in the rearview mirror now…). I love the changing of the leaves. I love the crispness in the morning air. I hope the start of this autumn has been wonderful for you and your families. And I offer this prayer I ran across this week: O God of Creation, you have blessed us with the changing of the seasons As we welcome the autumn months, may the earlier setting of the sun remind us to take time to rest. May the brilliant colors of the leaves remind us of the wonder of your creation. May the steam of our breath in the cool air remind us that it is you who give us the breath of life. May the harvest from the fields remind us of the abundance we have been given and bounty we are to share with others. May the dying of summer's spirit remind us of your great promise that death is temporary and life is eternal. We praise you for your goodness forever and ever. Amen.