Oct. 11, 2019

Jeffrey M. Howard
A homeCOming Reflection
Throughout the course of this week, we have celebrated what it means to be Mullen. From the wonderful mass on Monday to the dress days and music playing during passing periods and coming together for the Powder Puff game and the Pep Rally and Carnival right up to this evening’s football game (beat Ralston Valley!) and tomorrow’s dance and all of the alumni events that are taking place as well, we have had so much fun together and will continue to do so over the next few days.

It’s been a great week!
The fun is a big part of homecoming, for sure, but what really matters is what we are celebrating: the Mullen community and what makes it special. The beanies our freshmen receive and the bandannas our seniors wear indicate visibly that they are part of us. They are family. The fact that so many come back to campus this week means that the lessons they have carried and the passion they have for the school remains in their hearts.  

What a great gift Mullen is to our students, our alumni and our community. It is a gift that we who work here are charged with fostering and protecting. It is not a responsibility any of us take lightly.

I hope this week has for you been what I have tried to make it for me: a chance to reflect on and pray for this amazing place that brings us together.

Changes, Decisions, Ins and Outs
Ah, weather.

Obviously, we had a schedule change this week as we tried to anticipate the effects the predicted weather would have on the planned events and I am so grateful to the students, faculty, staff and YOU for your flexibility.

Last year, our first altered schedule was a Late Start for weather called on Monday, November 12. Believe it or not, our next altered schedule was not called until Friday, January 11! It was an Early Dismissal for weather.

These decisions are not easily made but I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how we arrive at them - at least at the ones we can reasonably anticipate (I don’t include power outages and like, last minute events in the “reasonably anticipate” category). When looking at potentially bad weather, I start following the forecast a few days out, checking in with people around school who love forecasting and know more about it than I (Mr. Welling, I am looking at you). We discuss any and all possibilities and begin trying to make plans. If weather is expected to hit overnight, texts fly back-and-forth and we try to consider the most updated forecasts. On a morning with bad weather, I will get up very early and look at weather cameras and consider, again, the forecast models. I will consult with the administration and then make a decision about a Late Start or Snow Day. I try to have these decisions made early - the night before if I can, but certainly as early in the morning as possible to keep families off the road. The same goes for any early dismissals we may determine are necessary.

Calling off school or changing our schedule is a big deal and not a determination that is ever lightly considered. Hopefully we do a good job in making these decisions but I know from experience that we win some and we lose some.

My only goal is to keep our students safe. And I will be honest: I will always err on the side of caution. 

Have wonderful homeCOming weekends!

Bring forth her banners now and lift them on high. Onward with Mullen Mustangs, rise up and cry. Loud may her praises be, sing out in unity. May she live on forever.

So let “Esprit de Corps” be our motto and our guide, now and evermore as we march on side by side. Rah!  Rah! Rah!

Rolling along, let their courage be our song. And we’ll cheer for Mullen Mustangs, for their hearts are brave and true. Rah!  Rah! Rah!