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It won't stop me, Issue 8

Ben Martinez, Mullen Sophomore
Ben Martinez, a sophomore, writes about tough times and ways to deal with them. The footballer and baseballer discovered he doesn’t have to wait for weights, neighbors rule and more time at home than usual shouldn’t be taken for granted.
This quarantine because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken opportunities from my classmates, my teachers and myself, but it has also given me a few new ones.

Some of the great opportunities I’ve had are amazing. One, with limited access to weights and all of the problems than can come with it, I have been able to work out with body weight and bands, and also get the rest I need.
Next is my neighbors have allowed me to use their batting cages, so I can work on my hitting and arm strength.

I’m hoping our summer baseball season doesn’t get cancelled because this could be the biggest recruiting season of my life. I’m extremely excited and pumped for this season and can’t wait. 

Most of all, I have gotten to spend time with my family, which is something I haven’t gotten to do in too long of a time.

Staying at home has really given me more opportunities than most people get in general and I’m extremely blessed to have supporters behind me.