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My Dearest Seniors, Issue 29

Lauretta Ruppert, Mullen Educator
An open letter from educator Lauretta Ruppert, a second year theology teacher at Mullen teaching Comparative Religions and Morality, writes for Mullen Today’s Unordinary Times about remembering first moments and saying goodbye.
My Dearest Seniors, 
It’s time. It’s almost time to say goodbye, but before you take that step into the unknown, I leave you with this. St. Teresa of Calcutta said “yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today.”
So let us focus on the beauty of today. Her words could not be truer to the circumstances that have been given to us today. It seems like yesterday that you first walked the red carpet into Mullen with the vibrations of the Mustangs’ welcome ringing in your ears; the first moments of walking the halls of what would be your home the next four years with a heart filled with nerves and excitement. But here you are today getting ready to wrap up this whirlwind of a chapter in your lives. This “see-you-later” letter could be pages long, but I will keep it simple. 
Stepping into unknown territory can bring fear and uncertainty. We always begin our days at Mullen with hearing the words of God, who calls us to seek Him in everything and to know that He is with us even through the unknown. I have come to realize that fear is an unenlightened and illogical emotion. The only way to find out what will happen is to let go of those fears and step out in faith with knowing that God is with you.
Through your four years at Mullen you have been trained to take these leaps into the unknown. And even when you fall, as we all do, you will discover something more about yourself and your purpose that God has instilled in you. You can acknowledge, but do not dwell on the voices that are telling you “you can’t” and “you aren’t ready.” You must keep moving forward, holding your lanterns filled with the light of Christ on the road before you because that is where you will find your beautiful future.
You are ready and you absolutely can accomplish it. 
When I began teaching at Mullen in the fall of 2018 I also stepped through the doors with uncertainty of what the future held. You all, the Class of 2020, made Mullen home for me and I am forever grateful. You have filled my heart along with the faculty and staff with so much love and we are so proud of the young men and women of God you have become.
I leave you with these final thoughts. Seek joy where you can find it. Be brave in the unknown and confident that God is with you. Be the face of Jesus when people need Him most. Live on purpose with drive and resilience.
As Saint Teresa of Calcutta said, “spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you ever without leaving happier.”
Mullen is always your home. We love you and will miss you. Thank you for being who you are.
The time has come. Now, go and bless the world by showing us who you will become with Jesus in your heart forever.