Oct. 4, 2019

Jeffrey M. Howard
Coming Home

Next week, we will celebrate Homecoming Week with homeCOming 2019. Student Council has selected “Colorado” as the theme of Homecoming this year and, to a native like me (not that I am judging all of you who are not natives…) is a terrifically fun way to go. The week will feature dress days and pep rallies and Masses and some surprises, especially for our ninth graders. Student Council has been hard at work pulling this together, and I am looking forward to a terrific celebration of all things Mullen.

We are instituting a new policy around dances which you may have read about here last week. Students will be “locked-in” to our dances until an hour before the dance ends. In the case of the Homecoming Dance, which will be held at Wings Over the Rockies, this means that students who do not have written permission cannot leave until 10:00 p.m. Please see elsewhere in The Weekly or on the website for how to procure written permission. I am very much in support of this change in how we conduct our dances. 

homeCOming 2019 is going to be wonderful! I hope you might be able to join us for some of the fun!
This Weekend’s Events
We will have a sizable amount of people on campus this weekend for a series of overlapping events. Many, many middle schoolers will occupy our fields. We have a cross country meet and a fun run. We have preparations for homeCOming and a Father/Daughter event. We have more than this! I am so very grateful to all the people inside the school and out who are working so hard to realize these events for our community!

Mrs. Mary Wakumoto Nominated for Lasallian Award
It is my pleasure to announce that Mullen High School has nominated Mrs. Mary Wakumoto for this year's Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award. Recent past winners of this award from Mullen have included Mr. Tim DeNezza and Mrs. Judy McCarty.

It was Dr. Cardenas's and my pleasure to nominate Mary because of all she represents to our community and because of her deep dedication to it and our students! We will know in the coming weeks if she is selected to receive the award.

Here are the criteria for the Award which I believe Mrs. Wakumoto fulfills wonderfully:  At the concluding banquet of the annual Huether Conference, the District of San Francisco New Orleans presents two Distinguished Lasallian Educator Awards to honor educators who exemplify the ideals of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Patron Saint of Teachers of Children and Youth. This award is sponsored by the Regional Office of the Christian Brothers Conference, in the name of all Lasallians of the Region of North America.

We wish Mrs. Wakumoto very good luck!