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March 20, 2020

Jeffrey M. Howard
Changing Realities… and Those That Do Not Change
Just a week ago, I wrote that our plan at Mullen High School was to be back with the students we treasure in the place we love on Tuesday, March 24. Obviously, this has changed. 


The world itself has changed a bit, has it not?

Please allow me to take a few moments of your time to write about what has not changed.

What has not changed is that Mullen High School is Lasallian and Catholic. What has not changed is that we provide a high quality, rigorous college preparatory education. What has not changed is that we know we are in the Holy Presence of God. What has not changed is that we give our students opportunities for prayer and community. What has not changed is our staff and faculty have deep care for and commitment to your students.

None of that has changed. None of it will during these weeks of uncertainty. We will do our utmost to have your students know they are Mullen High School Mustangs. We want them to be proud of that unifying fact - as proud of it as we are.

I cannot tell you what the coming days and weeks look like completely and I do not know what things will look like when we return to school. I cannot even tell you when we will do so.

But I can assure you of all the above things to do not and will not change. Ever.

For me, there is amazing comfort and peace in that.
Timely Updates
For the most timely updates of what is going on this trimester, please visit the SPRING 2020 page on the website. 

The Five Core Principles
One of the many blessings of working at a Lasallian school like ours is living the shared history and community of the broader Lasallian world. Over the course of the next few editions of the  Mullen Weekly, I am going to highlight one of the five Core Principles that we hope to instill in our students and that I hope we are living in our work with them. This week, we complete our conversation with Inclusive Community.
From the Lasallian District of San Francisco/New Orleans:  “The Lasallian school is a united community where diversity is respected and no one is left out or left behind. It calls all to recognize and embrace one another’s unique stories and qualities as unique and sacred features of the Body of Christ on earth”
Is there anything more important to teach our students than the recognition that we are all a part of the Body of Christ? The idea of inclusivity and unity seems more critical now than ever, does it not?

See you as soon as possible!