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Routine vs. No Routine: Issue 5

Matthew Guglielmo
For Mullen teacher-coach Matthew Guglielmo, dealing with the ramifications of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is proving challenging on all levels. Below, he has shared the aspects of a routine vs. no routine. Days with the same tasks; and days with different tasks. Unusual teaching and no coaching, but more family interaction and time at home. Learning something new, yet doing many of the same things. Like everyone else, he realizes’s in the same boat …
Routine and no routine.

How about nine or 10 hours of sleep every night and maybe a cat nap if needed or wanted?
Big breakfast with the wife and kids, coffee and 45 minutes of reading for the entire family (My book is the Empire of the Summer Moon -- Quanah Parker).
Yoga or core work.
Mid-morning snack.
Outside for quick sweep of the grounds.
Academics from a distance.
Daydream, helps the brain in many ways.
Dog is taken for yet another walk -- offspring go for a walk as well.
Mid-afternoon smoothie.
Movie or Netflix Original.
My learning moment -- every day I am learning something new -- acupuncture, a word in Spanish, how to tie an Atlantic knot, bake a souffle, cossack squats, why was Modigliani crazy?
Depending on the day-strength training or cardio.
Prepare dinner.
Eat the dinner.
Either family time for a bit or self-imposed isolation, but only for an hour or so.
Reconvene for Scrabble, 21, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”
Check on whomever needs it.
Zzzzzzzzzzzz …