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End of year Intentions

Jeffrey M. Howard
Though it hasn’t looked like spring this week and we are not all together physically, it is already mid-April and the end of the year - this very strange year - is just over six weeks away. This is not the spring we planned for, but we continue to be resilient and resolute, looking ahead to the next challenge. Hope is NOT cancelled! Please read on for a number of important updates.
To our seniors, our beloved Class of 2020, I have written before that we will find a way to celebrate you and to commemorate your years with us. We are very hopeful that we will be allowed to gather to do so in the summer. Therefore, we are planning a Senior Week 2020 to begin on Friday, July 10 and to conclude no later than Friday, July 17, 2020. During this week, we anticipate holding Graduation, Prom and a Farewell to the School afternoon and other events  Please plan on this week being a week to celebrate you, to celebrate Mullen and to celebrate your time here! We are so looking forward to doing so!
If we cannot stage all of these events, our priority will be holding Graduation. 

While we will recognize the Class of 2020 virtually in May near the scheduled date of their graduation, gathering the community together as a school to celebrate our seniors is our goal.

We all must understand that these plans are tentative and are entirely contingent upon it being safe for us to be together in large groups, upon federal, state and local authorities lifting protections and upon our determination that these events can occur. We may not be able to hold these events as described here. We may only be able to hold some of them. We simply cannot guarantee them; however, we will do everything in our power to have them. Again, our priority will be holding Graduation. 

Our very hopeful and very tentative plans are taking shape right now. We will communicate specifics in terms of dates, times and locations in the coming weeks. 

Additionally, we are aware that many students’ property remains in the school buildings. When safe, we will allow students to come to campus to retrieve their items. We are determining the best way to make this happen but this will not occur while we the state and city are under Stay at Home Orders. We will not schedule this before Monday, May 4, 2020.   

God bless you all and your families. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.


Mr. Jeffrey M. Howard
Principal and Chief Academic Officer