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Rise to the challenge!, Issue 21

Trey Sieradski, Mullen Senior
If Trey Sieradski can remain positive about what’s currently going on in the world with the pandemic, then virtually every Mullen Mustang is more than willing to take his word for it. The interesting, resilient senior and baseball player writes for Mullen Today’s Unordinary Times about the uncertainty that came out of left field, dealing with a second personal quarantine, putting aside pettiness, getting back what everyone has missed and truly appreciating life that really is a gift. 
No one saw it coming.

We were focused on spring break and looking forward to the last three months of our senior year: warm weather; spring sports; spring musical; Lasallian Heritage Week; yearbooks, senior celebration; senior prom; graduation … No one thought that a random Wednesday would be the final time we seniors would walk through the halls of Mullen as students.

But it happened in a big way.

No warning, no chance to prepare, no end to the uncertainty in sight. Life can turn on a dime. Throughout my high-school career, I’ve had my share of adversity. Finding out that I had cancer was probably one of the worst days of my life. No warning, no chance to prepare, no end to the uncertainty in sight. Two years ago, I had to quarantine in the hospital for three months (sp this isn’t my first quarantine rodeo.) I missed 86 days of school my sophomore year battling for my life.

Not fun.

Anything can happen at any time and the only thing you can control is your attitude about it. You learn to take it one day at a time and focus on winning. If cancer taught me anything, it is to live your life to the fullest every day because you never know what’s around the corner or when it is going to end. You never think it will happen to you, until it does.

Then what??? Rise to the challenge!

A crisis like coronavirus (COVID-19) puts everything important into perspective. Petty problems and small issues suddenly drop as we yearn for a sense of normalcy again. Many of us would complain about waking up for school and all the work that came along the day, but now we miss the friendships and the side conversations in class.
Mustangs, don’t dwell on what you’ve missed … you can’t get it back. Instead, reflect on all the great times and the unforgettable experiences you had with your classmates and be thankful you have those memories, and then look to the future.

Move forward, set goals, squeeze every last moment out of every day, and really LIVE!

Rise up, Class of 2020!

We’ve got this!