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Alina Antillon, Student-Athlete of the Week

High-school sport: Wrestling (136-pounder who competed in four consecutive finals bouts, the past two that were sanctioned).

What I’ve done lately:
Recently won the 136 championship in its second season recognized for girls. She was 41-0 with 41 pins and only one bout went into a second period. For her career, including two unsanctioned titles at the same weight and a sanctioned runner-up, she was an impressive 104-3.

Grade-point average:


Why I attend Mullen: I really liked the community and support it provided me to help grow as a person for each of my four years in pretty much all aspects.

The best thing about my sport:
Definitely the level of competitiveness and the camaraderie that comes along with it, and how even though it’s an individual sport, you become so close with teammates and opponents.

In my future:
I’ll go to college; I’m just waiting to hear back for a decision later this month. I’ll possibly wrestle in college. It will just depend on where I go.

Pre-match ritual:
Usually, my match warm-up includes listening to music and preparing myself for what I want to do, and just going out there to wrestle and making it my match.

Favorite college team:
No favorite.

Why I wrestle:
I wrestle because it grows me as a person and I know in the future the lessons I’ve learned through wrestling will stay with me and make me a better person overall. The perseverance, determination and goals I’ve earned working through challenges and adversity allow you to learn from such a young age.