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Jack Krza, Student-Athlete of the Week

High-school sports: Football (offensive and defensive line) and swimming (relays and freestyle).

What I’ve done lately:
Qualified with teammates for all relays and getting close in the 100-yard backstroke and 50 freestyle.

Grade-point average:

Why I attend Mullen: I attend Mullen because when I shadowed I just liked it and it caught my eye – I wanted to go here. It had the things to offer that I liked, like good sports, and I’ve stayed here and loved it the whole time.

The best thing about my sport:
Football, and probably the team. I’ve always been with the whole senior class for my four years here at Mullen and we’ve grown tight together, and I feel Like we’ve
succeeded together. I chose football for college for the team and athleticism I love about it.

In my future:
Headed to St. John’s in Minnesota to play football and major in accounting/finance.

Pre-Game ritual:
For football, I’ve always walked around the track before every game and for swimming l’ve always done my own kind of special warmup when I’m not with the team. I do some 50s and extra dives and work on some strokes I’ll do in the meet, the same things I’ve always done.

Favorite college team:
Michigan, where my mom, Amy, went, and Colorado State, where my dad, Mike, went. I’ve grown up watching them.

Why I play:
I’ve always done football as my main sport. I’ve loved playing it and you can’t not like it. I did youth football, tackle football and high school. And for swimming it’s the first sport I did, competing at Columbine Country Club. My mom was a swimmer and kind of forced me into it, but I’ve always loved it, too. I definitely think football and swimming give off different traits that you don’t get in other sports. It’s an unusual combination, but the technology for football comes more natural from swimming.